What We do?

Establishing company culture can help attract and retain the right kind of talent
to push your business to its next growth phase. Organizations are expanding in different
geographies and are faced with unique challenges in a global workforce. CHRO leads in defining and
adapting corporate people strategies, procedures, and technologies to effectively manage & leverage the people resource of business management. Wherever you are in your HR transformation journey, our team of expert HR advisers have the knowledge to take you to the next level.

In an elevation of our HR Advisory services, our Consulting CHRO collaborates with the CEO or MD and senior team to develop a strategic HR agenda and thereby define HR priorities considering their business needs. We review and strengthen key HR processes, and thus clarify and eloquently communicate the direction of the organization. Expert guidance is provided in talent management in identifying/outlining the necessary talents and exercising recruitment strategies accordingly. As a whole, we shaped and established the company culture and expected competence best suited to the needs of the organization.


How we do it.

Our teams of experts are familiarized with large global workforces, with both remote and on-premise approaches. We detect hiring needs and key talents by identifying development gaps and addressing issues of structure, alignment or performance. Succession planning and leadership/ employee development allow us to build the quality and depth of talent required. At ShareYourHR, we believe in a hands-on approach with fortnightly reviews with the HR Lead who is full-time on ground zero, managing day-to-day HR. We actively participate in key business review meetings to engage and align strategy with the delivery. Simultaneously, HR Team appraisals are conducted at regular intervals.

What is
the outcome?

Our team of skilled and experienced individuals benefits the company in multiple facets of HR. As a result of our process, the HR team is provided with effective guidance. They are allowed the safety of a team of experts in all areas of people management. We add value to your organization by building an efficient and consistent HR delivery, overseeing the growth of the organization, and creating a great place to work. Our clients are parted with robust delivery across recruitment, performance management, talent assessment/development, compliance, and payroll. And all of this for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CHRO.


Consulting CHRO Program

We enable companies with the People Agenda via our Consulting CHRO program

  • - A team of HR experts
  • - Global ability
  • - Experience with large workforce
  • - Remote plus On-premise approach
  • - Cost effective
CHROAdvisoryServiceCreatestheHR AgendaSupports InLeadershipOffers HRCounsel /Labour LawGuidnceStrengthens HRProcesses & DeliveryHelpsDeveloptheFunction /TeamGuides on PeopleChallenges

We believe in providing top notch services no matter
what your company needs. Our aim is towards
providing exemplary standards of implementation
and constant reliable team support.

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