In a recent survey by Gartner, two-thirds of business leaders point
out that if their company does not digitalize more, they will no longer be
competitive. But in HR, digitalization is changing everything, 88% of chief
HR officers say they need to invest in three or more technologies over the next two years.
Technology can intervene to improve the way employees work.


It is a comprehensive HR Lifecycle management system that has been developed with the sole focus on the India MSME industry. Its development is inspired by India SME forum and is aligned to India’s vision of Made in India, Aatma Nirbhaya Bharat and enforces the Labour Laws of India.

A unique trio combination of Design Your HR, Implement Your HR and Yield Your HR, provides MSME with all the means to effectively manage their HR Function. There is no solution developed by an Indian company in the market which encompass all three elements of HR Policies & Formats, complete HRIS and exhaustive State wise compliance. The system truly helps a company become self-reliant when it comes to people practices.

We have created the diyHR solution. This system maps all the HR lifecycle processes including - policies and formats, processes Employee database - Hiring – Onboarding – Time Sheets / attendance – Leave - Performance – Payroll – Separation – Satisfaction – Compliance - Auditing. We have created a solution as a one stop shop hire to retire and also to take care of labour compliances which is critical and important. Through this solution companies can now have access to the best practices in HR, evaluate productivity by managing performance & timesheets, scale their business and manage each state compliance downloaded on separate file. Thus they do not need to have separate people in each office you can manage HR from central office
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HR Hovercraft

ShareYourHR has invested in developing HR Hovercraft, a global software solution that seamlessly integrates with any HRMS / Automation systems and automates HR processes in a very purpose designed manner. It is a business process automation platform that allows HR professionals to mimic/build the internal process flow to all employee lifecycle processes. Resulting in reduced time, building consistency of HR delivery, eliminating manual intervention & creating relevant employee experience.

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The system provides a two way communication between the company and employees, a very useful way to simply reach out to employees across. Not only that you can run surveys (employee listening / Esat) and get instant feedback with a ticketing tool to help employee reach out to the HR team and get quick responses to basic queries. Finally, the system has a powerful BI capability, which helps HR professionals create meaning full dashboards.

HR Hovercraft is a Simple, Safe, Secure Solution, that seamlessly provides the company an option to reach out to candidates & employees in a purposeful manner making it a differentiator to Attract and Retain employees.


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