What We do?

Our mind, body, emotions and energies need to be balanced in order to
deliver everything that is required of an individual, personally & professionally.
Organisations globally have realised that to improve productivity, infuse the ability to think out of
the box and to build a conducive working environment, it is important to also look within and empower employees to Manage Self.

How we do it.

ShareYourHR in association with LVG Systems, USA, bring a unique, and effective compilation of corporate wellness programs, that when applied to enable organisations leverage their employees, to achieve their business outcomes. We strive to improve the health and well-being of employees through a holistic approach. All of these programs are known for being tailored to the needs of employees encouraging health and happiness for every individual. LVG programs are known to be popular for their simplicity, effectiveness and positive results. We believe that the ultimate goal is to enhance the lives of employees by improving their overall health, safety and mental well-being.

By paying attention and addressing the various requirements of an employee we empower companies and their people. The right kind of support and motivation, is capable of making large changes in a company’s culture and overall performance.

What is
the outcome?

Employee engagement & wellness strategies have proven to be successful in reducing staff turnover, improving productivity & efficiency, inculcating value based leadership and fostering a drive to be a go getter.
Happy employees are more likely to be committed to the organization's goals and values. They will always be more motivated to work towards their own as well as contribute to organizational success.

LVG Sysytems Subdue Program (prevention of any kind of assault – Self defence Program) LVG Systems HEAL Program LVG Systems STRESS Program LVG Systems SLIM Program Mindfulness at Workplace LVG Systems Women's Safety Program (prevention of sexual assault and molestation) LVG Systems Stretch and Breathe Program (for Backaches) LVG Systems Corporate Wellness Program REBOOT 2020 – How to manage your Mind, Body, Emotions and Energies Post LOCKDOWN

We believe in providing top notch services no matter
what your company needs. Our aim is towards
providing exemplary standards of implementation
and constant reliable team support.

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