What We do?

When you invest in HR, you are able to leverage your people and create a better environment to work.
From your HR strategy, HR Policies, payroll, employee engagement, the positive changes to creating
employee experience makes all the difference for your business and your people. Realise the potential of HR by partnering with our team of expert advisory consultants. We offer a variety of expert services under HR Advisory. These include devising working structures on HR Strategy, Policy design, ESOPs, GDPR, Diversity & Inclusion, Global Governance, Employment Terms & Conditions, Labour Law, Employee Engagement, Talent Assessment, Employee Relations and Global Mobility & Immigration. These services are executed with utmost diligence and earnest efficiency.

How we do it.

We utilize our own internal tool-kit to align company practices, values, and culture and benchmark against tried and tested industry-leading global practices. It is quintessential to define an HR strategy framework in line with the goals of the organization. Around this chassis, HR policies and practices are moulded. The employment contracts are drafted in line with prevailing labour laws, preserving the interest of the company and employee. Besides, we help build HR policies and practices that meet the defined purpose and outcomes efficiently and consistently. We also ensure that the common fabric of the company is maintained in the key policies across businesses/geographies. Our proficiency in guiding & assessing companies on matters related to GDPR, diversity and inclusivity, mobility and immigration, ESPOs, have helped in building robustness in each area of HR delivery. We individually assess the relevant requirements of every organization and follow an efficiently designed blueprint to reach an optimal solution. Our global advisory services are set up as a build, operate, and transfer model.

What is
the outcome?

Owing to our expert hands-on consultation and solution services, a clear HR strategy is drafted in line with the growth and goals of the respective organization. It allows the client to climb up the ladder of PCMM level practices, and ultimately establish a great place to work. We enable sustainable employee experience, improvement of employee satisfaction, a reduction in attrition and improved and consistent HR delivery. Our endgame is creating an enhanced Employee Value Proposition. When you enrol with our advisory services, you get a dependable subject expert who will understand your current HR milieu and apply the knowledge, refined after years of practice.

We believe in providing top notch services no matter
what your company needs. Our aim is towards
providing exemplary standards of implementation
and constant reliable team support.

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