What We do?

The process of HR Health Assessment is essentially a diagnostic audit on the HR practises, laws, and governance of a respective organization. We interpret and assess the HR process implemented by the organization- determining if it is, in fact, in line with their collective ambitions. It is also vital to the future of a firm- if the leadership of today, is fit to be the leaders of tomorrow?

How we do it.

Our proficient team of experts dissects the HR process down at every stage we ask the 3 simple questions, What does it aim to do? How is it trying to achieve it? Is it meeting the desired outcome?

Based on these questions, we detect if the process is efficiently executed.  In the case of global organizations, we identify if they have pivoted consistent messaging across their multi-geographical establishments. Once the process is understood and evaluated, we help re-engineer the procedure to suit the relevant requirements of an organization. We attest to absolute compliance with laws and governance across Labour Laws, Health & Safety protocols, immigration policies, etc. We benchmark the organization against the People Capacity Maturity Model, and Great Place To Work- to provide critical solutions to build relevant employee experience.

What is
the outcome?

As a result of our proactive participation in redefining and ensuring efficient & consistent execution of the HR process, we ensure organizations are robust enough to deal with growth and expansion. Our tweaks and alterations help prudently transform organizational ambitions and aspirations. It helps create a better tomorrow for our clientele.

HR Health Assessment

Encompasses company and vendors Comprehensive alignment to statues
Health score on critical & important aspects Assess – Report – Review

LabourStatutesHR ProcessAuditRight toWorkImmigrationHealth &SafetyHRHealthBenchmark - Detailed Country - wiseCheck list Continuous Evaluation& guidanceSelf Assessment - QuarterlyAuditGAP Analysis & Risk AssessmentMitigation Plan &Impact

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