What We do?

An HR strategy has to be aligned to the business strategy and be directed on
energizing the workforce, which is essential to maintaining competitive advantage. By analyzing the changing nature of work and processes that are essential for your business outcomes,we help create the framework and workforce required for your business to thrive. Our HR and Business transformation services help you envisage your talent acquisition, talent management strategies across policies, skilling, compensation, employee benefits, global mobility, performance management, career development On the business front improvement in cash flow, revenue, digital transformation, profitability.

Our Business Transformation consulting, focuses on improving Business efficiencies in people / processes / systems for business growth & profitability. improving order to cash cycle, strengthening the balance sheet, . Managing change and re-calibration of strategies, especially during and post Covid scenarios.

At ShareyourHR we do a thorough assessment of current processes and of short and long term business plans. With that information we provide designs for the implementation of a 360 degree business & HR transformation plan. This helps the company and employees calibrate what is fit for the future. Finally, we guide the entire HR or Business transformation process till the delivery of the desired end result.

How we do it.

We consistently believe in partnering in the growth of the company by guiding the following processes such as manpower structure optimisation, role definition and hire retention and growth strategy.

With internal processes collection we ensure that the HR and Business review rigorously conducted and meet all necessary standards. Along with that reward & recognition programs help sustain the future & growth strategies. We also employ state of the art automation and global software such as HR Hovercraft, Bots, Dynamic dashboard, HRSS WeChecked tools to make sure that you are always at the top of your game.

Designing and creating a robust framework that fosters employees to attend work and give their focused best is paramount. How, where and when people work must be adaptable. How will you achieve optimum business performance? Relevance Robustness, Simplicity and Continuous calibrations are key.

  • HR Process

    • HR Lifecycle processes
    • What is required to do
    • Does it consistently deliver to desired outcomes?
    • Can it be done better?
  • People Outcomes,
    1 Culture

    • Structure 
    • Capability/Skills
    • Aspirations & Careers
    • Performance
  • People

    • Talent Acquisition efficiency
    • Predictability in promotions
    • Role & performance-based compensation
    • Governance
    • Workplace Pulse
  • Employee

    • Relevant
    • Consistent
    • Efficient
    • “Must be True” stories

What is
the outcome?

With this we ensure that there is a better working capital cycle, more funds in hand with an increased governance of risk assessment. This helps improve profitability and organizational effectiveness. With clear and direct risk assurance to Directors and Management any decisions on funding that will provide the needful for inorganic business growth and ensure a strong base for growth and a clear outlook that the business is on the right track.

Be t ter working capital cycle, more funds in hand Finance Cost Improvement Leadership Team People Transformation Digital Transformation Risk & Governance Human Resource Manpower structure optimisation r ole defination, hire-retention -g r ow strategy

We believe in providing top notch services no matter
what your company needs. Our aim is towards
providing exemplary standards of implementation
and constant reliable team support.

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