What We do?

We provide consultancy services and offer a custom-built methodology to manage entity governance and compliance globally with a tech enabled solution. As enterprises expand globally, they must ensure compliance regulatory requirements to run their business operations in multiple jurisdictions. Share Your HR can be a single point of contact for you to manage all your international entity governance and compliance. ShareYourHR team adopts new skills, technology, and operating models to meet to provide a range of services which have been custom built to fit client needs. ShareYourHR can help you to identify and manage risks and issues pro-actively with our expertise and our strategic and agile approach. Our highly specialized skills help our clients address challenges and manage the complexity of enterprise compliance. We provide a range of support solutions including incorporation services of new entities for a corporate structure, ongoing corporate compliance support and compliance health checks.

How we do it.

Our professional team along with local experts give us an enormous reach and built a worldwide network for each of your jurisdictions to provide consistent and standardized global delivery of services.
We can support your entire governance agenda, including incorporation services of new entities for a corporate structure, ongoing corporate compliance support and compliance health checks. We perform governance regulatory assessments to help you to identify gaps in your governance process. Our experts can help you strengthen your governance processes. We can also support at every step in the legal entity transactions process, from entity set-up, corporate changes and restructuring and post deal integration at a global level. With our global network of experienced partners with local expertise, we help you to identify and manage the governance requirements of your transaction. This helps you to ensure that your transaction remain compliant with local processes, requirements and timelines, and thus help you to minimize risks.
We facilitate a strategic approach to compliance management. This helps drive continuous improvement of organizational compliance and governance designed to effectively run your business operations. We help in identifying, designing, implementing and operating compliance programs and managing regulatory obligations. Our experts will work with you as part of your team and help you to reduce compliance risks and improve regulatory and compliance management process. We help our clients in maintaining, tracking, monitoring, updating and dashboard reporting the compliances using a tech-enabled solution for continuous improvement on a global basis. We also provide training and awareness of the compliance program, process flows to stakeholders.

Our bouquet of service include -

  • Employment Law Checklists
  • Self and Vendor Audit
  • Advisory Retainer services on updates & query resolution related to employment law
  • New entity set up
  • Compensation structure & social security benefits
  • Payroll & Payroll Compliance Services Globally
  • Employment contracts and policies
  • Health & Safety Rules
  • M&A due diligence
  • Intellectual property
  • Contracts
  • Restructuring and redundancy

  • HR Process

    • HR Lifecycle processes
    • What is required to do
    • Does it consistently deliver to desired outcomes?
    • Can it be done better?
  • People Outcomes,
    1 Culture

    • Structure 
    • Capability/Skills
    • Aspirations & Careers
    • Performance
  • People

    • Talent Acquisition efficiency
    • Predictability in promotions
    • Role & performance-based compensation
    • Governance
    • Workplace Pulse
  • Employee

    • Relevant
    • Consistent
    • Efficient
    • “Must be True” stories

What is
the outcome?

Our services will help you in effective utilization of resources and time by you. We can help you in better management and increased efficiency with our proactive approach to entity governance and compliance. Expert advisors for your entity governance and compliance requirements.
We can provide an integrated solution to all your governance and compliance management with a cost-effective solution to manage your global entities.

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We believe in providing top notch services no matter
what your company needs. Our aim is towards
providing exemplary standards of implementation
and constant reliable team support.

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