What We do?

We have observed that companies have been able to seize the opportunities
to grow in line with their business objectives, however often in that journey processes
continue to be disjoint and somewhat consistently meet the desired outcomes. Similarly is
the case for HR processes, especially for a company that has multiple lines of business in different locations/geographies. The fundamental outcome of all HR processes must lead to relevant employee experience and the preservation of the cultural fabric.

We assess the entire HR lifecycle processes such as Indent / Manpower requisition, Recruitment, Onboarding, Induction, Attendance / Leave management, goal setting/performance management process, / Succession / Key Critical Resource / EXIT management, Employee separation/ Employee Engagement, HRMS processes and linkage to HR policy and desired outcomes. In doing so, we strongly believe that the HR strategy, culture and HR delivery will come to life.

How we do it.

Our assessment tool kit for evaluation and re-engineering begins with the review of the pre-existing process, documents, stakeholder interviews, and understanding the end result/outcomes. At this point, we apply the process evaluation framework. In the flow of our assessment, we evaluate for process performance- for its efficiency in delivering the defined outcomes. We evaluate the management and definition to understand the extent to which the performance of the method is supervised and the accuracy and detail in defining the desired outcome. We assess the implementation, measurement, control, and thereby consequence of the administered process. On completion of the evaluation, we provide a go to the drawing board where the process design team along with subject matter experts create a blueprint. Here we answer three basic questions. Why are you doing this process, and what is the underlying goal? Are you achieving that goal? Is there a better way to do this or how else could you achieve this goal? Our solution is discussed with the client. Our skin in the game continues towards implementation and transfer of the To Be solution to the client team.

What is
the outcome?

As a result of our carefully curated and exhaustively executed Process Engineering, we ensure Manpower Optimization, Cost Reduction, Process Efficiency, Alternate Solutions and Enhanced Employee Experience. Through thorough assessment, we can eliminate unwanted steps, and allow consistent and efficient delivery to the outcome. Our niche in implementing automation helps explore the use of HR Shared Services and software such as HR Hovercraft. Following guaranteed HR delivery, we warrant a well-defined and evaluated Employee Experience. Thus also creating an optimized workforce, which itself creates alternate solutions resulting in a cost advantage for the company.

The Process

Review of AsIs ProcessReview of ToBe ProcessImplementationPlanBuild –OperateTransferStakeholderInterviewUnderstadingEnd ResultApply ProcessevalutionframeworkApply BestPracticesCreate ToBe Blueprint

The Outcome

Process Efficiency Our assessment ensures Efficiency in process Elimination of Unwanted steps Consistency Delivery to outcome Manpower Optimization Informed decision to Optimize Manpower Alternate Solutions Informed decision to Optimize Manpower Cost Reduction Manpower Optimization, A l t e r na t e solution result in c ost a d v ant a ge t o t h e c om p a n y Employee Experience HR delivery is guaranteed Employee Experience is n o w defined and evaluated 0 1 0 2 0 3 04 05 HR Process Engineering Outcome

We believe in providing top notch services no matter
what your company needs. Our aim is towards
providing exemplary standards of implementation
and constant reliable team support.

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